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Reporting Program

At Beaumaris North Primary School, we believe that a quality education for all students will essentially be supported by regular monitoring of school and student performance and the reporting of results to student’s parents, School Council and the DET. Reporting to parents:

  • Communicates clear and comprehensive information on the content of the Curriculum.
  • Focuses positively on student progress and achievement.
  • Suggests ways to overcome difficulties by providing a plan to improve student performance.
  • Provides the opportunity for ongoing communication about student progress.

Parents are informed of student progress and achievement through both formal and informal interviews and reports via Compass.

Informal discussions and/or interviews may be arranged upon request from a parent or teacher to discuss specific concerns. See Contacting Teachers.

  • Early in the year, parents have the opportunity to share any relevant information concerning their child with the teacher. At this sharing session you will receive an information leaflet outlining expectations and procedures related to your child’s class. Bookings for this 10 minute interview are made via Compass.

  • ‘Learning Tasks’ (created in Compass by teachers) provide parents (and students) with ongoing reporting and feedback about how a student is progressing. These Learning Tasks make up the bulk of Semester Reports.

  • Beaumaris North Primary School implements an ‘Ongoing Interview’ reporting format each semester. In Term 2, parents are invited to meet with their child’s teacher for a scheduled interview to discuss their child’s progress at that specific time of the year. A 15 minute time slot is allocated for each interview and there five time slots in each session (3.45pm, 4.00pm, 4.15pm, 4.30 and 4.45pm). Appointments are made via Compass.

    Please note that teachers are available for meetings only during these set times – we are unable to make appointments on other evenings due to scheduled staff and department meetings. If you are unable to attend our timeslots, the teachers may be able to conduct a phone interview.

    The final year’s report will detail student achievement based on the expected classroom standards. If the teacher has a specific concern related to your child they will contact you.

  • In Semester Two, parents are invited to book a 15 minute meeting for their child’s Student Led Conference. Student Led Conferences are an important part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and provide an excellent opportunity for parents, students and teachers to reflect on student progress – please click here for more information.

    All Student Led Conferences are conducted on a designated day straight after school over a set number of weeks. There are a few time slots on each of these afternoons and appointments are made via an online booking system.

    Parents are also invited to book an appointment with one of their child’s Specialist teachers.

  • Semester Reports for students are prepared twice per year (June and December) and are available to view and download via Compass (hard copy reports are not distributed). Learning Tasks make up the bulk of Semester Reports.

    Student assessment and reporting is based on the Australian Curriculum (AusVELS) and the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (PYP). Click here for more information on Assessment.

    The progress of each child’s development is different – the Report indicates the growth and learning of your child as an individual against AusVELS.

    Parents are invited to submit comments about their child’s Semester reports – we ask that parents take the time to do this as it provides us with valuable feedback on our Assessment and Reporting process.