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Enrolment & Transition

Transition - Kinder to Prep

Prep Transition Activities

We offer prospective Prep parents a variety of opportunities to visit and tour our school with open mornings, information evenings and a number of school orientation activities for incoming children.


Communication with Kindergartens

Transition to school for new Prep students is supported by the whole school community. Members of the Prep Transition Committee communicate closely with the local feeder kindergartens and childcare agencies and ensure all Transition Statements are obtained and passed on to the relevant teachers. This communication ensures that relevant information is exchanged to maximise student readiness and facilitates the placement of Prep students into classes. At the end of the school year, members from the Prep Transition Committee visit local kindergartens to discuss the individual needs for all enrolled students.

Prep Transition Wellbeing Program

Building Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Social Skills through Performing Arts and Yoga Movement

To enrich social skills development, Prep students participate in a weekly 30 minute Performing Arts and Yoga Movement session (taken by a PE Teacher).

Learning Intention: Throughout the course of the year students will learn to understand their range of emotions, both positive and negative in experience, and the skills to better manage, move through and resolve these feelings. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how to positively resolve social conflicts that arise in the playground, how to improve their personal body and spacial awareness through the performance and movement exercises taught in the classes, enhancing their kinaesthetic muscle memory to aptly and promptly apply these wellbeing strategies in their ‘real world’ experiences. They will learn how to use their Big, Bold Voice with confidence, clarity and compassion. The program aims to help better equip students with the physiological skills to ease their transitional experiences that occur in their first year of Primary Schooling. 

The program will be embedded with the core values of Kindness, Self Confidence and Awareness, Compassion and Love.   

Buddy Program

A buddy system is in place to assist the new Prep students to settle into the school routine in a caring and supportive way. The children are introduced to their Year 5 buddies during Transition activities in Term 4. The buddies are available during the first few weeks of Term 1 to assist the Preps with finding friends to play with and generally providing support. They continue this friendship throughout the year and participate in a number of designated ‘buddy’ activities.

Designated Play Area

Prep students are supervised closely in a designated play area at both recess and lunch. This creates a safe, caring and supportive environment for the Preps as they become familiar with new school routines.