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Enrolment & Transition

Prep 2018


2018 Prep Starting Dates & Times

Tuesday 30 January Prep students attend from 9.30am until 1.00pm
Wednesday 31 January No School for Prep*
Thursday 1 February – Friday 9 MarchPrep students attend from 9.00am until 3.30pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (not Wednesdays)*
Tuesday 13 MarchPrep students attend every day 9.00am – 3.30pm
Term 1 finishes Thursday 29 March (2.30pm dismissal)
  • Prep students are expected to wear the BNPS school uniform when they start school. Find out more about our Uniform and Uniform Shop.

  • All student book and stationery needs are pre-purchased from a single supplier at a bulk price and delivered to the classroom in preparation for the first day of school. A ‘Stationery Pack’ will be ordered for each child unless you advise us that you will be sourcing your own stationery (full list available upon request from the Office).

  • To help develop independence and responsibility, you are encouraged to assist your child to:


    • Follow simple directions
    • Listen carefully
    • Respect their own and other’s personal property
    • Speak politely
    • Learn to wait their turn
    • Recognise their own name on their belongings 
    • Display good eating habits and manners
    • Be able to manage their own toilet needs
    • Wash their hands thoroughly
    • Tidy up after themselves
    • Fasten their own shoes (we recommend Velcro in Prep)


    Click here for more information on preparing your child for school.

  • What to Bring

    Please pack the following in your child’s school bag:


    • Art smock (this will remain in the Art Room until the end of term when it will be sent home for washing)
    • Recess/play lunch food e.g. muesli bar, fruit, a sandwich, sultanas or any other small snack
    • A filled water bottle
    • A piece of fruit for ‘fruit break’
    • School Hat
    • Spare underwear and spare socks in a named zip lock bag.


    Lunch is not required for the first week (only recess/play lunch and fruit break). Please make sure all clothing and belongings are clearly labelled.


    Drop-off and Pick-up

    Upon arrival to school, help your child to locate his/her named bag peg, place school bag on the peg and proceed into the Prep Learning Centre to meet your child’s teacher in their new classroom. Once you have said your goodbyes, it is a good idea to leave promptly. For the first three days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), please collect your child from his/her classroom.


    Managing Morning Separation

  • As a parent, you have assisted your child in progressing through the many and varied developmental milestones such as crawling, walking and communicating. You will be able to continue your valuable role as your child commences a new and exciting learning journey at BNPS.


    Parents are able to support their child through their transition from Kinder to Prep in many ways and need to acknowledge that not all children will master their learning at the same time. Parents can provide encouragement and opportunities to assist in the development of many skills. Consistent praise of any effort and achievement is always beneficial. Most children will settle quickly and happily into the routine of school; however, some may feel anxious about coming to school. It is important that you model good coping strategies and reinforce the positive aspects to ensure they feel secure in their new environment.

Feedback & Suggestions

Positive Transition is important to us. With this in mind, and the school’s KidsMatter Program, we encourage parents and carers to write their thoughts and suggestions regarding Transition and kindly forward to us through your child’s Purple Folder or the Feedback Box.


*Prep children are NOT required to attend school on Wednesdays until 14 March 2018. Each Wednesday off is allocated to individual appointments with Prep children to participate in Department of Education & Training (DE&T) Online Numeracy and English Interviews with their teacher.