BNPS offers an outstanding extra-curricular program in Choir. It is a program which engages students in a different way to the classroom program and offers positive experiences which raise self-esteem. There are many opportunities for performance which contributes to the development of a sense of personal accomplishment and cultivates a positive self-image. Singing is one of the most important music activities in schools as recognized by educators and musicians alike.

Recognising the value of music to the total development of the child, BNPS has developed a strong Music program and to this end, engaged three staff members with extensive experience to run the Classroom Music Program and the Choral Connections Program.

All students from Year 3 - 6 are invited to attend Choir however it is best that only students who love to sing join.

There are three volunteer Choirs:

  • Senior Choir: Year 4 – 6 (approx. 80 students) 
  • Seahorse Singers: Year 5 - 6 (approx. 30 students) who are drawn from the Senior Choir. The Seahorse Singers are auditioned and attend sessions on a weekly basis. They work with our music teachers to achieve their vocal potential so they can sing in small ensembles or solo.
  • Junior Choir: Year 3 (approx. 70 students).

Our Choirs rehearse each school week at the following times:

  • Senior Choir:          Thursday 2.30 - 3.00pm
  • Seahorse Singers:  Tuesday at lunchtime
  • Junior Choir:           Thursday 3.00 - 3.30pm

Over the years, many opportunities to perform have been established including at assemblies and for school events such as the School Concert, Anzac Day Service and Carols Night. Of significance is the establishment of The Choral Connections Program where the student Choirs perform at aged care facilities several times a year. The Choir also has a performance uniform which gives the students a feeling of identity and belonging. For many of the students, participating in the School Choir has been one of their most significant experiences whilst at BNPS and the growth in their self-confidence has been reflected in their learning in general.


The Rules for Choir

It is considered a privilege to be in the Choir so best behaviour is expected. Students who attend Choir need to make a decision during Term 1 as to whether they are staying in the Choir. If they make a decision to stay in the Choir then they must make the commitment to attend regularly for the remainder of the year.

If they leave and decide they wish to return, they may or may not be accommodated depending on numbers. Students need to attend every session unless they are ill. Students should bring a plastic sleeve folder for their music.

The BNPS Choir has built an excellent reputation over the years – it’s a reputation for which all Choir students can be very proud as they have worked very hard to achieve it.