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Parent Information


The Canteen provides a lunch order service and over-the-counter sales at recess (morning play lunch) and lunchtime. Please ensure you provide your child with a snack for recess (if not purchasing from the Canteen at recess) and fruit break when lunch has been ordered from the Canteen.

  • The Canteen is open three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (remember not on the days starting with ‘T’!) unless notified otherwise via Compass. The Canteen is NOT open on the last day of term due to end of term clean up.

  • The current Canteen menu and price list (subject to alteration due to price rises) is available at all times via Qkr – see Lunch Order Procedure below.

    2019 Canteen Menu & Pricelist 

  • The Canteen offers a convenient ordering and mobile payment system for lunch orders via a FREE smartphone (and android device) app named Qkr. A web-based version of Qkr is also available for those without access to a smart phone:

    Canteen orders must be placed prior to 8.30am on canteen days (no orders can be accepted after this time). Please wait until you receive confirmation of your child’s order prior to closing the Qkr app and check that the order is correct.

    Your child’s lunch order will be delivered to their classroom in a paper bag. For frozen food items that are paid for on the order – the bag is stamped ‘PAID’ by Canteen staff. The child collects the frozen product by bringing the bag to the canteen counter after they have eaten their lunch.


    • Orders may be placed up to two weeks in advance.
    • Orders can be copied (and edited) from a previous week (save time with repeat food orders).
    • It is IMPORTANT to wait until you receive a ‘Complete’ message before closing out of Qkr when placing your Canteen orders to ensure that the order has gone through. The receipt (with order details) can be viewed immediately by tapping on ‘View Receipt’ at the bottom of the screen – receipts can also be checked at any time under the ‘Activity’ tab on the Qkr homepage.
    • Students can purchase items with cash at recess and lunch (if you are sending money for your Foundation child, it is recommended that they have a small purse that is kept in the front of their school bag).
    • Unfortunately ‘Lunch Order’ items that have been ordered via Qkr are unable to be given to students at recess.
    • If a lunch order has been placed and paid for but your child is subsequently absent, the Canteen MUST be informed by 10.30am. If this does not occur, the lunch order will NOT be able to be swapped to another day.
    • Should you not have access to a computer or smartphone, please see the lovely office ladies for assistance with ordering.

    See Qkr for more information.

  • Sushi is available on Mondays and Wednesdays and must be pre-ordered via Qkr (prior to 8.30am on these days). The choices of sushi (no variations accepted) available are Teriyaki Chicken, Cooked Tuna or Vegetable.

    Sushi Ingredients

    Rice Vinegar
    Sugar and Salt
    Chicken Maryland (no skin)
    Teriyaki Sauce
    Rice Vinegar
    Sugar and Salt
    Cooked Tuna
    Japanese mayonnaise
    Rice Vinegar
    Sugar and Salt

    Please note sushi is offered in addition to the Canteen’s normal lunch order menu. The Canteen will operate as usual on a Monday and Wednesday and the sushi will be distributed via the lunch order baskets.

  • If your child has forgotten their lunch on a Canteen day and notifies the Canteen early enough, a sandwich will be provided. Late orders notified at lunchtime will receive the choice of a sausage roll, pie or noodles and NO snack items. An I.O.U will be sent to the parents via the purple folder, and can be settled on days when the Canteen is open.

  • A parent volunteer roster system operates each canteen day to assist our BNPS employed Canteen Manager, Jenny Marashli. The Canteen Committee greatly appreciates all volunteers – without them the Canteen couldn’t operate! Please sign up for as much or as little time as you can spare – any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. (Nominating for afternoon shifts and/or Fridays is particularly helpful and we are always desperate for last minute emergency volunteers!).

    Sign up for Term 1, 2019 Canteen Duty

    Click here for more information.

  • The canteen is closed on the last day of term for an end of term clean up.

    PLEASE come during the morning and help Jenny Marashli, Canteen Manager, to clean and tidy the canteen in preparation for the holidays. It doesn’t take a lot of time but it takes even less if there are a number of helpers! Any help is most welcome – even if you can only spare a short amount of time.

  • The Canteen is managed by a BNPS employed Canteen Manager and a committee of volunteer parents – a Sub-committee of the School Council. The Canteen is staffed by volunteers – parents, grandparents and friends of the students and their families.

    The Canteen operates on a small profit margin with all profits going to provide a source of funding for the school. Past profits have gone towards an Early Years Literacy Program, a printer for the Computer Lab, air conditioning, equipment for the science program and many other benefits to the school and students. Being able to contribute to school funds and still offer moderate prices is only made possible through the support of our greatly appreciated volunteer helpers.

    If you would like to find out more about how the canteen operates, for example, formulating and pricing the regular menu, planning ‘Special Lunch’ days, evaluating possible seasonal additions to the menu and liaising with the Australian Schools Canteen Association (who set canteen’s food guidelines), please feel free to come to a meeting or even join the committee.

    Meetings are held once a month (usually from 2.30pm to 3.30pm) –  please ring Jenny in the Canteen on 9589 5449 (via the Office) for the date of the next meeting.