Beaumaris North Primary School will support and promote positive behaviours by developing and implementing shared behavioural expectations with the school community and by delivering whole school responses to behavioural issues. All members of the school community are expected to participate in the educational environment with enthusiasm and mutual respect. Our school is committed to engaging all students and will only exclude students as a matter of last resort in extreme circumstances.

See Anti-bullying, Student Conduct, Essential Agreement, Essential Agreement on Behaviour at Assembly and Restorative Practices.

When Behaviour Expectations are Not Met

When students do not meet behaviour expectations, a staged response is implemented consistent with the logical consequences outlined below and using the Restorative approach.

  • Talking to the student and referring them to the shared expectations of the school.
  • Point out the behaviour breached in our Essential Agreement.
  • Make changes to the student’s learning program.
  • Hold a Restorative practices conference as per the restorative script.
  • Draw up an agreement and have student sign it.
  • If the agreement is breached the following staged response will occur:
    • Withdrawal of privileges which may include yard withdrawal during recess or lunch
    • Withdrawal from class temporarily
    • Contact parents
    • Hold Student Support Group meeting
    • Negotiate alternative pathways or settings for the student.

See Restorative Practices.

Ongoing Behaviour Issues

Where students exhibit ongoing behaviour patterns – a range of strategies as part of a staged response will be used and these may include:

  • Discussing the behaviour problems and reaching an agreement for future behaviour.
  • Explicit Teaching of appropriate behaviours.
  • Time Out – allowing students a cooling off period.
  • Withdrawal – the student may be withdrawn from an activity, class, excursion or camp due to inappropriate behaviour and provided with an alternative educational setting within the school.
  • Counselling – referral to the Wellbeing Officer or DET School Support Services for individuals in order to modify inappropriate behaviour.
  • Discipline/Student Support Group Meeting – involving parents, carers and/or relevant DET School Support Services staff or outside agencies to assist with modifying behaviour.
  • Suspension & Expulsion – for serious disciplinary measures we would follow DET ‘Engaging Schools are Effective Schools: Student Engagement Policy Guidelines 2009’ developed in response to Ministerial Order No. 184.


BNPS Student Engagement Policy