A parent volunteer roster system operates each canteen day to assist our BNPS employed Canteen Manager, Jenny Marashli. The canteen is staffed by volunteers – parents, grandparents and friends of the students and their families.

We aim to make canteen duty a happy, relaxed, enjoyable time for all and morning tea and/or lunch is provided! Many helpers have found it’s a good way to make new friends and become an active member of the school community. Children, particularly new students, also love to see a familiar face over the counter.

Younger children are welcome to come along to canteen duty  - there are toys, a child’s table and chair set, pencils and paper. Please note that the duty of care for all children attending the canteen rests with the parent at all times. Some parents mind a friend’s child while the friend is on duty and the friend reciprocates when they are on duty.

Tasks include labelling lunch bags, filling lunch bags, putting hot food in the ovens, preparing sandwiches and serving snack foods over the counter at recess/playlunch. There are always experienced volunteers on duty who are more than willing to help newcomers familiarise themselves with the system. On each canteen day there is an experienced team leader on a full shift and two or three assistants on each shift.

You can volunteer as often or as little as you like. Most people ask to be rostered on a regular basis (eg: once a month). Parent volunteers for Canteen are called for early each term via a ‘Canteen Volunteer’ form which is sent home early each term (via the Purple Folder and Compass).

Volunteers are asked to:

  • Select their preferred duty dates, days and times from the following:
    • Monday 9.00am – 2.30pm
    • Monday 9.00am – 11.30am
    • Monday 11.30am – 2.30pm





  • Wednesday 9.00am – 2.30pm
  • Wednesday 9.00am – 11.30am
  • Wednesday 11.30am – 2.30pm
  • Friday 9.00am – 2.30pm
  • Friday 9.00am – 11.30am
  • Friday 11.30am – 2.30pm


  • Indicate how often they would like to help:
    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Once a month
    • Once a term
    • Twice a term or
    • Three times a year.
  • Indicate if they are unavailable on any particular dates.
  • Indicate if they are prepared to be on the Emergency List.

Completed forms are then submitted (via the Purple Folder or email) by the due date and the roster is then prepared and circulated via email. Volunteers are asked to carefully check the roster for their name, and to record it to ensure they turn up for their duty (a roster will also be sent out weekly to all volunteers as a reminder!).

If you are unable to work your shift, it is ESSENTIAL that you swap shifts with someone on the same day in another week, OR ring someone on the Emergency List. All canteen roster swaps/changes to be emailed to bnps.canteenroster@gmail.com. For any last minute changes (eg on the day of your shift) please ensure you notify the Canteen Manager by phone on 9589 5449 (via the Office).


  • If the canteen is locked when you arrive, please collect the key from the office.