Excursions and incursions

Your child will participate in many excursions and incursions throughout their time at Beaumaris North Primary School. Excursion and incursions are designed to stimulate and motivate learning and are a highlight for many students. Parent volunteers are often required to assist on excursions and requests are sent home via the Purple Folder.

Standardised ‘Permission Notification Reports’ are sent home to parents when their child is to attend an incursion or excursion. The notes include details of the excursion/incursion (including date/s), destination, transport method, adult responsible and the cost (see Payment). This note also includes personalised student details – please ensure that all the details are current.

Parents are required to sign the ‘Permission Notification Report’ and include an emergency contact number for the particular excursion/incursion to which the note relates (the ‘Permission Notification Reports’ must be taken by the class teacher on the excursion).

‘Permission Notification Reports’ must be returned by the due date - if a signed permission slip is not received, your child cannot attend or participate.

Students must be dressed in full school uniform when attending excursions. Students are seen as ambassadors for our school and dressing neatly reflects a sense of pride as well as making it easier to identify our students. See Uniform.


The cost of the extra-curriculum Excursions and Incursions that occur during the year are covered by the Key Experiences Levy - most families pay this in full. On some occasions other activities are offered which require separate payment. If you receive a yellow Excursion or Incursion Permission slip that has a WHITE payment slip attached, it means that payment is required at the Office before your child can attend or participate. As always if you are experiencing financial difficulty please contact the Office BEFORE the event.