First aid at BNPS

First Aid Officer

The school employs a fully qualified First Aid Officer (Nicole Rainsbury, AKA Nurse Nicole!) who is responsible for administering exceptional First Aid for the students, staff and on occasions, parents and siblings of BNPS. Our First Aid Officer is in attendance every day at recess and lunchtime and as required throughout the day. Nicole also maintains health records for students.

Nicole can be found in the First Aid Room or at the Office. Our First Aid Officer is not a substitute for a qualified doctor and is unable to offer you or your child medical advice or support outside the school First Aid role. School Council respectfully asks parents not to put our First Aid Officer in a situation where refusal to act beyond the role may offend you.

The First Aid Officer is also responsible for providing teachers with first aid supplies for school excursions and school camps and attending major sporting events such as the Cross Country, House Athletics and Swimming Carnivals.

All of our teaching and non-teaching staff are trained in Level 2 First Aid and are rostered on duty when the First Aid Officer is absent. The First Aid Officer manages a comprehensive and compulsory training program schedule for our staff in Anaphylaxis, Level 2 First Aid, Asthma and Diabetes, and guest speakers are invited to Staff Meetings to bring staff up to date on health issues as required.

First Aid Room & Treatment

The First Aid Room is located in the main building next to the Office. If your child presents to First Aid, the visit and treatment undertaken is recorded. Parents or the emergency contacts are called if required. Children are not permitted in the First Aid room unless under the direction and supervision of a staff member.

See Emergency Contact Details.

First Aid Permission

A document outlining ‘First Aid at BNPS’ forms part of the school enrolment package. This document must be read, understood and the tear off slip signed and returned to the school before First Aid will be administered to your child.

First Aid Products

If your child presents to First Aid, they may come in contact with the following products. If you have any questions or your child reacts negatively to these products, please inform the First Aid Officer or the Office. You will be asked to provide written information regarding the child’s allergic/sensitivity reactions.


  • Lavender oil (100% pure)
  • To calm anxious or upset child
  • Minor cuts, slide burns
  • Placed on wrists to be sniffed
  • Placed directly on wound to soothe and promote healing (this product does not sting)
  • Tea Tree oil (100% pure)
  • Stings and bites
  • Minor grazes
  • Relieves itch and inflammation
  • This product can sting so consideration is used re: size/location of graze and the age/temperament of the child
  • Lessons chance of infection and promotes healing
  • SoloSite (water based wound gel) used in conjunction with OPSITE dressing
  • Major grazes with embedded gravel
  • This product removes wound dirt without abrasion
  • Enables the body to heal the wound with less chance of scarring or infection
  • Cool/ice packs
  • Multitude of uses
  • Placed on relevant injury
  • Aloe-vera gel
  • Papaw cream
  • Dettol
  • Betadine
  • Healaid Cream
  • First Aid Antiseptic Spray
  • Rashes
  • Cuts
  • Abrasions
  • Bites
  • Placed directly on affected area



A defibrillator is located in the First Aid Room and has full instructions on the unit itself - the unit will also speak to you.