HEAD Hunters program

Head lice (louse) is an ongoing problem for most schools and BNPS is no exception. We have however managed to reduce the outbreak of head lice to 3 - 4% of the school population by checking every child in the school (once per term) through our head lice detection program, Head Hunters. This parent initiated program (approved by School Council) has been operating since 2002 and is run entirely by members of our parent community who are trained to check for head lice. Regular checks for head lice can reduce the severity of an individual infestation, make treatment easier and stop the cycle. Every family that has experienced an outbreak of louse will truly appreciate the benefits of this program!


We encourage the whole school community to be vigilant with checking their child’s hair to prevent outbreaks. We ask that parents advise class teachers of any cases identified at home. A teacher suspecting a case of head lice is required to send the child to the Office immediately – the child will be sent home and readmitted after treatment has commenced. See Leaving School During School Hours.


Treating and Controlling Head Lice


BNPS Head Lice Policy

Consent for Head Lice Checks

During the enrolment process, parents are required to consider and complete a ‘Consent for Head Lice Checks’ permission form to indicate if they are happy for their child to participate in the Head Hunters program whilst s/he attends BNPS.

See Authorisation Forms.

Parent Notification of Head Lice and Required Action

A head Lice ‘Parent Notification’ form is completed and sent home when your child has been screened by a parent volunteer of the Head Hunters team and ‘evidence’ of lice or eggs in your child/ren’s hair has been found

If your child has LIVE LICE or LOUSE EGGS, please:

  • Use a recommended (chemist/health shop) treatment to kill the adult lice or eggs.

  • Please follow the instructions carefully and adhere to the follow-up procedures.

  • Read the Treating and Controlling Head Lice information sheet.


Under the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 2001, students are required to be excluded from school if found to have live lice or eggs, and readmitted after treatment has commenced (they can be treated in the evening and return to school the next day).

If your child has DEAD LICE or DEAD LOUSE EGGS, please:

  • Sit in a well-lit area and run your fingernail or head lice comb along your child’s hair to remove ALL dead eggs and dead lice - they do not require chemical treatment.


For the Head Hunters program to run successfully, we require parental assistance. It takes a number of volunteers to check the entire school once a term and we aim to check the entire school within 2-3 hours to reduce disruption.

Head lice checks are usually conducted between 9am - 11am on a Friday morning (dates are advised throughout the year). New volunteers will be trained and placed with an experienced volunteer.

If you are interested in helping, please download the 'Head Hunters Volunteer' form (below) and return via your child’s Purple Folder. If you have any questions please contact the Office and they will put you in touch with our Head Hunters Co-ordinator.


Head Hunters Volunteer Form