When a child is unwell it is expected that the child will remain at home. See Absences.

When illness occurs during a school day, parents will be asked to collect the child from school. See Leaving School During School Hours.

Parents and guardians are reminded that there can be some very debilitating illnesses and we are very conscious of the need to prevent contamination between students, staff and family. Please remind children of the need to wash their hands and if possible, use sanitisation where necessary.

Exclusion Times for Illnesses 

The Victorian Government School Policy Advisory Guide is our initial source used for all matters pertaining to health and safety of both staff and students. Additional information is also obtained from the Department of Human Services.


Minimum Period of Exclusion from Schools and Children's Services Centres for Infectious Diseases Cases and Contacts (DET)


A copy of this guide is also displayed on the notice board outside the First Aid Room.