The late arrival of students inhibits the beginning of a productive morning at school for the entire class. If teachers are put in a position to take the time to repeat instructions to students that have arrived late, the children that have arrived at school on time, lose valuable lesson time. Please help us to keep the lessons on track, by ensuring your child is not late to school. See Electronic Roll Marking.

All children arriving to school after 9am must be signed in by a parent/guardian at the Office according to the following procedure: 

  • Sign yourself in at the Office via the Kiosk, attach the ‘Visitor Pass' to a lanyard (located at the Kiosk) and wear this for the duration of your visit.
  • Sign your child in via the Kiosk and take your child to their classroom.
  • Return to the Kiosk, follow the prompts to 'sign out' (entering the number on your 'Visitor Pass') and return the lanyard.


Late arrivals should NOT be entered by the parent into the Compass Parent Portal - only full-day absences are reported via Compass.