Riding in, to and from school

Riding In our School Grounds

For safety reasons, riding is NOT permitted in the school grounds during, before or after school unless it is for Bike Education. This includes scooters, bikes, skateboards, roller blades or roller skates and applies to children of any age. Students must dismount wheeled devices at the school gates and take their device directly to the Bike shed. We ask that parents support this school rule by asking their children (school and non-school) not to ride in our school grounds.

See Bike Shed.

Riding To and From School

The appropriate age for a child to ride to and from school alone is at the discretion of parent/s, however parents are encouraged to accompany their child.

Children under 12 are allowed to ride on the footpath as are older children who are accompanying younger children. Wheeled recreational devices can travel on roads where the speed limit is 50km per hour or less. Although it is the responsibility of the motorist to make sure they give way to cyclists on the footpath, particularly when entering or exiting a driveway, students are reminded to take care when riding on footpaths and to be mindful of cars reversing out of their driveways.

Parent Motorists  and Cyclists

Parents need to make sure that they are aware of cyclists on the roads and footpaths near our school. As part of our Bike Education program we attempt to provide students with the skills and awareness to avoid any potential incidents, but it is up to motorists to be vigilant. It is the responsibility of the motorist to make sure they give way to cyclists on the footpath particularly when entering or exiting a driveway, this is detailed in The Road Safety Act

We have a large number of students who cycle to school and it is important that they are safe. 

Helmets  and Protective Gear

It is a requirement of Beaumaris North Primary School that any child riding a scooter, bicycle, skateboard, roller blades or roller skates to or from school wears an approved safety helmet and any other appropriate protective gear. Please ensure the safety of your child by ensuring they are wearing their helmet before riding to school.

Scooter Requirements

A scooter has two or more wheels and a footboard supported by the wheels. It is steered by handlebars, designed to be used by one person and propelled by any one or more of the following: gravity, the user pushing one foot against the ground, an electric motor or motors (with maximum power output of 200 watts).

Requirements for using scooters:

  • Scooters must have at least one effective brake and a bell or horn.
  • Scooter riders are required by law to wear an Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet.

Reference: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/road-rules/a-to-z-of-road-rules/scooters-and-wheeled-recreational-devices