the treehouse enrichment program

What is the Treehouse?

The Treehouse provides an enrichment program that focuses on building upon and strengthening the literacy and numeracy skills of Year One students.

Where is the Treehouse and what does it look Like?

The Treehouse is a room located near the Year One classrooms in the main building.






What do Year One students do in the Treehouse?

LITERACY: Children who attend the Treehouse Literacy Program are involved in a variety of activities to assist in the further development of effective reading strategies necessary for decoding print. Strategies include reading for meaning, using visual cues and language patterns.

Another group of children regularly attend the Treehouse for oral reading practice and vocabulary activities.

WRITING: During the Literacy sessions, the students practise different genres of writing to develop their ability to hear sounds in words and write them down.

NUMERACY: The Treehouse also provides a regular Maths Support Program. In Numeracy sessions students use a variety of ‘hands-on’ materials to build numbers and solve simple equations, leading to a better understanding of mathematical concepts.

Who teaches in the Treehouse?

Mrs Vawdrey, Learning Support Teacher (Year One)

How are students selected to attend the Treehouse Program?

Students are selected on a needs basis after much discussion by the Year One team of teachers. The composition of the groups may change throughout the year as the requirements of the students change.

How often do students attend the Treehouse and what is the duration of each session?

Literacy sessions:  2 hour block, twice per week.

Numeracy sessions: 1 hour block, three time per week.

Additional individual oral reading sessions (with a different group of students): 10-15 minutes, once per week.

How long do students participate in the Tree House Program?

Students are assessed on their progress at the end of each term. Some students may need further consolidation of their skills in the Treehouse whereas others may not and can return to the classroom Literacy program.

Are parents notified if their child is selected to participate in the Treehouse Program?

Yes, a letter will be sent home in the student’s Purple Folder once the groups have been established.