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About Us

School Profile

Beaumaris North Primary School (BNPS) was established in 1959 and is a well-maintained and safe environment located in a quiet, treed, residential Bayside suburb just 15 kilometres south east of the Melbourne City Centre.

Trees and oval

The school grounds provide an aesthetically pleasing learning environment with large open spaces for recreational activities. Our playgrounds inspire creativity and imagination for all year levels. There is a mix of spaces that cater for both passive and active recreation by students in all year levels and separate areas are set aside for use by junior and senior students.

Curriculum and Extra-curricular Activities

BNPS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and provides a comprehensive curriculum based on the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Victorian Curriculum. A significant feature of the Curriculum are our Specialist Programs which operate on a weekly basis – Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Japanese and Library. In addition we provide an extensive range of Extra-curricular Activities to enrich and engage our student body. Additional Extra-curricular Activities are available on site on a user pays basis including private instrumental music lessons, singing lessons and after school sports through our Outside School Hours Care Program. Our BNPS Enrichment, Extension & Talent (BEET) program offers specific programs to selected students (based on AusVels, Naplan and specific testing data).


Our school is a dynamic and progressive school. All classrooms are individually heated and cooled and equipped with interactive whiteboards and access to a class bank of laptops which are linked to the Curriculum network. The school has a large Multi Purpose Room, a Music/Drama Room, an Art and Craft Centre (with its own kiln and roofed outdoor work area), a Science Room, a Language Room (Japanese), Sports Shed and a well-stocked Library. All year levels have open spaces which allows for flexibility in teaching and learning and we focus on differentiating the Curriculum for each of our students. See School Facilities.


It is our philosophy that the human resource has the most impact on the teaching and learning of our students, therefore every available financial resource is allocated to this area. Additional teachers are allocated to each year level to enable targeted intervention for all students, particularly those requiring enrichment and additional support in literacy and numeracy.

Our carefully balanced staffing comprises Teaching Staff, Education Support Officers, Administrative Staff, Outside School Hours Care Staff, a Library Technician, IT Technicians, Canteen Manager, Teacher Assistants, Wellbeing Officer and a School First Aid Officer. See Our Staff.

We have an excellent team of dedicated and experienced teachers who individually and collectively offer a variety of talents and additional qualifications to complement the school’s diverse program. Our teachers are committed to team planning, support, continuous professional development and pursuit of a high standard of professionalism. Teachers are further involved in the planning and execution of Extra-curricular Activities, School Concerts, Carols Night, charity events and other cultural experiences.

Student Conduct and Achievement

Our focus on Student Voice has produced a positive culture of student engagement and leadership. There is an active commitment to the maintenance of an open, co-operative, caring and friendly environment in which all children are encouraged to reach their full potential. We enjoy a fine reputation of high student achievement, well-behaved and focused students, quality teaching, dedicated and enthusiastic parents and School Council committee members who work hard to continually improve the school for our students. 

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is a key feature of our school. Our Welfare Groups (Parents & Friends and Fathers’ Activity Club) are very in facilities development and fundraising and provide avenues for social contact and enjoyment for families within the school. The parent community also manages our Uniform Shop, Head Lice Program (Head Hunters), Working Bees, biennial Fete and Canteen.

Parent volunteers play an integral role in the education of our students by providing support to teachers in classroom programs, learning centre tasks, Sports Days, Bike Education and Excursions. The Class Representatives Program provides an additional link between teachers and parents and is an amazing support to many aspects and programs of the school. We communicate regularly with parents and seek their feedback to guide future directions. This collaborative approach results in the development of positive attitudes and educational outcomes.


We provide a range of effective and dynamic approaches to facilitate smooth transitioning for both Kinder/Prep and Year 6/7 students ensuring students are ready, comfortable and well-adjusted for their new school. We also have an internal Transition program for current students moving up to their new year level and an Induction Program for new students/families.

Environmental Impact Statement

We are committed to making decisions and taking actions that protect the natural world. We aim to reduce the negative impact our school and our students have on the environment. We believe that every organisation and each individual can make choices that positively affect the sustainability of our planet.


BNPS works to develop values, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will better equip each student to achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life in our complex and ever-changing society. Student engagement and wellbeing are a priority – our school endeavours to instil in each child, a love of learning.

Our whole school wellbeing strategies create a harmonious, respectful and supportive school environment for all community members and Restorative Practices are deeply embedded in the school community as our behaviour management approach. Our commitment to the Be You program supports and enhances the building of resilience and protective behaviours and as an eSmart School, we promote the smart, safe and responsible use of digital technologies.

BNPS Child Safety Code of Conduct & BNPS Statement of Commitment (Child Safety)


We provide innovative programs and positive learning experiences (based on traditional values) that provide a solid educational foundation. We look forward to sharing with you, the many celebrations and milestones that your child/ren will achieve here at Beaumaris North Primary School.