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Sustainability & Environment
Sustainability & Environment
Sustainability & Environment

About Us

Sustainability & Environment

BNPS Environmental Impact Statement

BNPS is committed to making decisions and taking actions that protect the natural world. We aim to reduce the negative impact our school and our students have on the environment. We believe that every organisation and each individual can make choices that positively affect the sustainability of our planet.

Working for the Environment

A decision to change the way our books and stationery is delivered has seen BNPS make an exceptionally strong, environmentally sustainable change. Instead of 600 cardboard boxes filled with individual book and stationery orders, one large order is delivered to the school, minus the boxes, and distributed to the individual classrooms for dissemination by BNPS teachers. Not only do we save a forest of trees, we save petrol in collection, and a whole lot of waste! We’re looking wider now, for other ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. We welcome your suggestions.

Sustainability Captains

Two Sustainability Captains are elected annually from the Year Six cohort.

See Leadership Program.

Our School Grounds

The school grounds provide an aesthetically pleasing learning environment with large open spaces for recreational activities. Our grounds are also enjoyed by many local families after school and on weekends.

Beaumaris North Primary School students are expected to dispose of their own litter responsibly and we trust that visitors to our school will do the same. 

We also ask for parental support to encourage children to pick up any rubbish they see on the way out of school each day.