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Specialist Programs - Music

Beaumaris North Primary School provides an Arts Program for all children encompassing Visual Art and Music as outlined in the Discipline Based Learning Area of the Victorian Curriculum – The Arts, and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Arts Scope and Sequence.

Music is an important area of learning in the Primary Years Programme (PYP). It is a medium of expression that contributes to the total development of the child including physical, intellectual, social, aesthetic and emotional development. At Beaumaris North Primary School, music is an integral aspect of the School Curriculum providing skills, perceptions, experiences and values upon which to make informed choices. Each child is assisted to reach his/her musical potential and in doing so will experience the role of composer, responsive listener and performer.

It is our aim to provide music activities which are enjoyable, stimulating and challenging and which promote the self-confidence of the individual. The PYP teacher values imagination, creativity and original thinking and this is particularly evident in the teaching of music. 

See School Concert.

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