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Parent Information



For school payments e.g. Education Contributions and tickets for events etc., School Uniforms and Canteen lunch orders. Click here for more information.



For excursions and incursions via an online consent form. Click here for more information.


Payments can be made at the Office or sent to the Office (via the Purple Folder) in a clearly marked, sealed envelope.


Cheques made payable to ‘Beaumaris North Primary School’ can be delivered to the Office in person or sent to the Office (via the Purple Folder or post).


Payments can be made in person at the Office.

Credit Card

MasterCard or Visa is accepted. Payments can be made at the Office, over the phone or by completing and returning notice ‘tear-off slips’ (via the Purple Folder, post or in person).


To use BPay you need the Biller Code for Beaumaris North Primary School as well as your own UNIQUE Reference Number (issued by the school). If you choose to pay for a specific school related expense via BPay, you must notify the school by email when payment has been made. If a BPay payment is made without notification of items you wish to allocate the payment against, the oldest outstanding debt will be credited.