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Year 6 to Year 7
Year 6 to Year 7
Year 6 to Year 7

Enrolment & Transition

Transition - Year 6 to Year 7

Year 6 is an important link in the transitional stage between Primary and Secondary School.  We focus strongly on fostering the social, emotional and academic skills necessary for a successful transition to Year 7, along with leadership, independence, organisation and time management to prepare our students for the rigours of Secondary School. Our formal Transition process for Year 6 students commences in mid-April.

Year 6 students participate in a Transition Day and a number of other Transition activities at Sandringham College which is designed to give the children an idea of how a high school day operates.

Our exit students proudly come back at the beginning of each school year in their high school uniforms to visit their Year 6 teachers, and this relationship continues in some cases throughout their high school years.

Transition Package

A Transition Package is sent to all Year 6 parents in Term 2. The package contains important information for parents on the Year 6 – 7 Transition process and includes an ‘Application for Enrolment’ form which identifies the Government Secondary College your child has been zoned to.

We strongly advise that you visit all of the schools you are interested in your child attending. All local Government Colleges hold Information Evenings and offer tours of their school – the dates of which are included in the Transition package. Many local colleges also offer accelerated or enhanced learning opportunities.

All ‘Application for Enrolment’ forms must be returned to the school by the advised due date.

If a student cannot be accommodated at their first preference school, it is the responsibility of the Beaumaris North Primary School to pursue subsequent preferences until a placement is secured. In the event that none of the preferences can be met, the student will be enrolled at the designated neighbourhood school.

Orientation Day

An Orientation Day for all students enrolled at a Government Secondary College is held in Term 4 where Year 6 students attend their new school for the day.