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The BNPS Extension, Enrichment and Talent Program (BEET) and STEM Program are operating for students in Year 1 – Year 6 in 2019. The Year 1 to Year 3 BEET program is run by Mrs Pam Collins in The Bungalow and the Year 4 to Year 6 STEM program is run by Mrs Meredith Graham in the Science Room.

Junior BEET Program

In Mathematics and Literacy sessions, students work in small groups, in pairs or independently, finding solutions to problems using a range of strategies and thinking skills. They are encouraged to persist and explore all possibilities when faced with problems that require ‘thinking outside the box’.

In Maths Extension, selected students in Years 1 – 3 explore areas of mathematics beyond the Year Level curriculum. The program offers opportunities for students to expand their knowledge across many areas of Mathematics. The focus is on the strategies used to solve a problem and developing logical thought. Some sessions involve students working collaboratively in a hands-on way exploring STEM-related activities that require reasoning, creative and investigative skills.

Students attending Extension Literacy (Years 1 & 2) are reading well beyond the standard Year Level expectation. These groups learn a range of specific skills and strategies so that they may develop a deeper understanding of texts presented.

Senior STEM Program

The Year 4 – 6 STEM Program focuses on Science, Technology & Engineering. Extension units offered actively engage students in authentic and challenging learning experiences, creating learning environments that foster innovation and creativity as they apply critical thinking and problem solving strategies.

STEM education enhances student learning experiences through engaging curriculum that may include integration, inquiry and project-based learning. Students apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop high-order thinking skills within an authentic context. 

Extension Mathematics

All students participate in differentiated Mathematics programs across their year level, extension programs tend to focus on developing thinking and metacognition skills, higher order thinking problems and strategies, and advanced mathematics (relevant to each cohort). Each year level has an experienced Learning Support Teacher who provides extension and enrichment opportunities for smaller groupings.

Year 4 students attend extension Maths lessons with Mrs Graham throughout the week. Year 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to participate in Maths Olympiad and other inter-school based Maths challenges throughout the year. The main aims of the Olympiad Program are to:

  • Introduce students to important mathematical concepts
  • Teach major strategies and develop flexibility for problem solving
  • Foster creativity and ingenuity and strengthen intuition
  • Stimulate enthusiasm and enjoyment of mathematics
  • Provide for the satisfaction, joy and thrill of meeting challenges

Specialist Science Lessons

Specialist Science lessons are also provided to complement PYP Inquiry Units at all levels throughout the year. These lessons enrich the inquiry focus providing students with a variety of experiences that encourage students to:

  • Ask questions
  • Expand their curiosity
  • Take part in hands-on experiences
  • Design and plan and  evaluate experiments.
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