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About Us


In 1953, with the rapid development of the area and the threat of overcrowding at Beaumaris and Black Rock Primary Schools, the Education Department bought about three hectares of low-lying, swampy, snake-infested, tea tree scrub. It was drained and filled and the copperheads had left by 1958 when the builder started.

In February 1959, 300 students occupied the eight classrooms. In 1961 and 1963, rooms were added to cope with the growing population. Enrolment reached a peak in 1971 with 730 pupils. There are now close to 700 students.

In 2009, Beaumaris North Primary School was successful in Round One of the Primary Schools for the 21st Century element of the Australian Government’s $14.7 billion Building Education Revolution (BER) for a $3,000.000 for a new state of the art learning environment. As a result our Senior Learning Centre was officially opened on Wednesday 3 November 2010. We were also successful in the second round of the National School Pride (NSP) program in 2009 and as a result, received $200,000 for refurbishment and repair of our existing buildings.

A Playscape master plan to redevelop our playgrounds was designed by Green & Dale Associates in collaboration with the Playscape Team, School Council and the school community in 2010. Since then, a team of volunteer parents and staff have been working on the master planto see the vision become a reality. Several stages have now been completed entirely by volunteer parents and staff using funds raised entirely by the school community. These stages show the extent of the student and parents’ long term commitment and a great example of what can happen when a team takes ownership of a project.

BNPS Community Projects

Steady support and loyalty given by parents, the stability of staff and the constant interaction between parents, teachers and children have been, and are, vital factors in giving life to our school. The local community has taken the initiative in providing the following facilities at the school, raising at least half the cost in each case.

History of Projects

1962 Library and Canteen, Art Centre, Multi-Purpose Room, Jumping Complex, carpet tiles in Library, rebound wall, new piano, carpeting in classrooms, Library extension and reading garden, carpeting in Multi-Purpose Room and Rooms 1 and 3, the Mothers' Club provided carpet for the TV room.
1980Bluestone gas barbeque.
1984Carpet in Rooms 9 and 11, archway and carpet in Rooms 13 and 14, new cycle shed, fans to rooms in the Infant Building, carpet to Rooms 8 and 12, fans, carpet to Room 5. Upgrade playground equipment to comply with safety regulations.
1985Development of areas between main building and Library by Fathers' Activity Club and children of the school. Re-sowing of Infant Oval. Sprinkler system in infant area. Planting of 220 trees and shrubs by children. School received South Central Garden State Award.
1986School Fete. Computers. Renovation of Infant Toilets.
1987Library redevelopment. Instant hot water in kitchen in Multi Purpose Room. Upgrading sprinkler system to fully automatic.
1988School Fete. Uniform Shop cupboards.
1989Curtains in Multi Purpose Room - Parents' Club. New infant sandpit and playground equipment - Fathers Activities Club. Upgrade - asphalt areas and toilets - Ministry of Education.
1990School Fete. Roofing of Horseshoe area - Fathers' Activity Club. Development of infant area. Shading for Rooms 1 5/17. Upper window curtains in north facing classrooms - Parents Club.
1991Seating. Drainage around Art Room. Repairs to the mound. Barbeque shelter. Internal painting/upgrade.
1992School Fete. Fitness track. Seating. Carpet in Multi-Purpose Room. Tinting of windows.
1993Extension to Multi-Purpose Room. Relocate cricket nets. Re carpet Multi-Purpose Room and 3 classrooms.
1994School Fete. New Grade 2/3 playground. Two new basketball rings. After school care started.
1995Gas barbeque. Paved area. Cyclone mesh added to bike shed security. Shelter shed converted to sports office and equipment storage.
1996School Fete. School entrance. TV and video in Multi-Purpose Room. Two new classrooms. Library fern garden established. Grade 2/3 playground equipment. TV and video in main building.
1997Computer laboratory opened. Vertical blinds and air conditioner for new classrooms and computer lab. Art room toilets. Seating around library garden. Extension to grade 4/5/6 play equipment.
1998Carpet in Library, Big-screen TV in Computer room. Gas heating in all classrooms, exterior lights near oval and barbeque area. School Fete. Art room repainted and roof replaced. School painted externally. Refurbish Multi-Purpose Room. Air conditioners in 4 classrooms. Whole school computer networked. Conversion of boiler rooms to additional teaching rooms.
1999Art room, Library and Infant Building linked to main computer network. All classrooms air-conditioned.
2002School Fete. Administrative and staff amenities upgrade. Garden sprinkler system replaced and installed. Air conditioner in Art Room. Carpet in Prep Rooms. Blinds Music Room.
2003Installation of the roof structure between the buildings, new fire service, school sprinkler system and a new watering system on our school oval.
2004School Fete. Replacement with new Prep play climbing equipment. Biodiversity Plan for School grounds commenced replanting at the Morey Street boundary and the Art Room garden.
2005Installation of new play equipment in Years 3-6 area. Commenced the program for installing Interactive Whiteboards in each classroom. Student laptop program implemented in classrooms.
2006Two 225000 litre water tanks installed underground to be used for watering the senior oval.
School Fete. Stage two of the roofing project complete. Refurbishment of the MPR including new kitchen, repainting, recarpeting and new blinds installed. Corridor in main building carpeted. Art Installation Program commenced. Computer Lab relocated to library Resource Centre. New Music Room opened.
2007Installation of the synthetic grass on the Infant Oval. New LOTE classroom opened. Students' toilets replaced in both main buildings. Speech Pathology Assistant (SPA) program initiated. SPA room built. New Uniform Shop established.
2008School Fete. Shade Sails installed over three playground areas. Extend laptop program to four pods. All classrooms now have Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). Corridor in Infant area carpeted. Art Installation Ceramic Seahorse emblem installed on main building.
2009New synthetic turf basketball court installed. Refurbishment of the school canteen. Art Installation Program Wave mural installed. Additional tanks installed in the Library garden and near the Infant building. Solar Panel installation completed.
2010School Fete. Playscape Project – Creek Island. Transformation of Prep rooms to an open learning area with an outside learning space. Completion of the Year 5 & 6 Learning Centre.
2011Art Room Roof upgrade. Playscape Project – Art Room precinct. Establishment of a Student, Staff and Wellbeing Library. Implementation of flexible learning spaces in Year 4.
2012School Fete: Playscape Project – Rope Play/active area. Implementation of flexible learning spaces in Year 3.
2013Playscape Project: Seahorse Cove. Implementation of flexible learning spaces in Years 1 and 2. Recarpeting of two Year 1 and two Year 2 classrooms. Parents' Club: Bench seats outside the Principal's Office, contributed to decking outside the canteen and the turf on the oval, cubby houses, school bag hooks for Year 5 and 6 students.
2014School Fete: Refurbishment of the upper netball court – resurfaced, new reversible netball and basketball hoops and new padding. New goal posts on the oval – soccer and AFL. New line markings on the tarmac for downball, chess, snakes and ladders and more. Turf, watering system and water tank by the senior building. Gazebos/shelters for use at sporting events. Cleaning and repair of shade sails. External painting of the school. Playscape Project.
2015Using the $10,000 prize money from the Bank of Melbourne Local Hero competition, an Outdoor Fitness Zone was installed in 2015. Parents' Club: Equipment for Lunch Clubs, literacy resources for use in the classrooms, wireless microphone system for school assemblies and contribution to Compass Kiosk.
2016School Fete: Outdoor amphitheatre for learning and performance (to be built in 2017). Parents' Club: Contribution to Compass Kiosk, new plastic tubs for readers and items for Lunch Clubs.