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Beaumaris North Primary School supports selected charities through fundraising activities within the school community. The SAT is responsible for our major fundraising events and the charities are generally chosen by the SAT Team in consultation with staff. Fundraising may be whole-school events, individual year levels or even classes. Students are involved in all aspects of fundraising including; advertising, implementation of activities, selling of merchandise and counting money. We support many charities on an annual or biennial basis including:

We have also supported the charities/organisations below:

Busking for Change

In 2023, the Music Teachers raised $575.45 for Busking for Change.

Good Friday Appeal

In 2023, BNPS raised $288.77 for Good Friday Appeal.

Kids Under Cover

In 2023, the Uniform shop and SAT selling beanies raised $300 for Kids Under Cover.

Make a Wish Foundation

In 2022, the Wellbeing Captains raised $558.34 for Make a Wish Foundation.

The Royal Children’s Hospital

In 2022, SAT raised $615.00 for The Royal Children’s Hospital.


In 2020, the Wellbeing Team organised a Be You Day for a gold coin donation and a total of $431 was raised for Child FIRST (Child and family information, referral and support teams) .

RSPCA Australia

In 2019, a portion of the funds raised at the Year 5 & 6 Mini Fete/Mini Market was donated to RSPCA Australia.


In 2019, the SAT Team organised a ‘Pyjama Day’ and the collection of hygiene products for Pinchapoo – it was a huge success!

Monash Children’s Hospital

In 2019, the SAT Team organised a ‘Touch of Easter’ Day for a gold coin donation and a total of $525.10 was raised for Monash Children’s Hospital.

Fight Cancer Foundation

In 2018, the SAT Team organised a ‘Footy Colours’ Day for a gold coin donation and a total of $622.75 was raised for the Fight Cancer Foundation.

Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children

In 2018, the SAT Team organised a ‘Loud Shirt’ Day for a gold coin donation and a total of $719 was raised for the Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children.

Foodbank Victoria

In 2018, a total of 495kg of food was donated to Foodbank Victoria which provided 891 meals for those experiencing food insecurity in Victoria.

Cathy Freeman Foundation

In 2018, we participated in Stomp Out the Gap Day by creating a human Aboriginal flag on the oval to raise awareness and funds for life changing education programs for Indigenous children. A total of $500 was raised for the Cathy Freeman Foundation.

Family Life

In 2017, Parents & Friends held a Ladies Spring Racing Luncheon where $2000 was raised. One thousand dollars was donated to Family Life to fund their ‘Breakfast Club’ (run by volunteers) which provides children, from the commission homes in Hampton East, with a healthy breakfast.

Very Special Kids

In 2017, a portion of the funds raised at the Year 5 & 6 Mini Fete was donated to Very Special Kids.

Make a Wish Foundation

In 2017 and 2019, a portion of the funds raised at the Year 5 & 6 Mini Fete was donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

In 2017, a portion of the funds raised at the Year 5 & 6 Mini Fete was donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Love Your Sister

Lead by parent Shae Langford-Jones, the BNPS community pulled together in 2016 and 2017 to raise an amazing $36,000 for the ‘Love Your Sister’ Organisation who raise funds for breast cancer research at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Events included a Spring Racing Luncheon, a Family Picnic and the 2017 Moomba Birdman Rally.

Melbourne City Mission – Pyjama Day

In 2016, we held a ‘Pyjama Day’ to raise money for the Melbourne City Mission who help thousands of people escape and avoid disadvantage, economic exclusion and social isolation. From children living with a disability, or young people with nowhere to call home, to people who need assistance into education or employment, they work alongside them, so they can build a better future for themselves. Melbourne City Mission help people find their own path to independence, providing them with the support they need along the way.

Pencils Community

In 2016, all of our old/used pencils, textas and miscellaneous stationery items were collected and donated to the Pencils Community. Pencils Community is a recycling initiative, focusing on education, sustainability and humanitarian efforts – distributing items to disadvantaged schools around Australia and overseas. We are thrilled be able to support this cause – “It takes just one pencil to make a difference to a child’s life and education.”

Fitted for Work

In 2015, the Parents’ Club held a Spring Racing Luncheon where clothing and money were donated to Fitted for Work to help disadvantaged women get work and keep it.

Children’s Medical Research Institute

In 2015, we held a ‘Jeans for Genes’ day to raise funds to help fight childhood disease.

Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation

In 2015, we promoted ‘Brain Week’ to support the Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation. Students wore grey, a beanie and RCD mercahndise and participated in activities to keep brains healthy and sharp.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

In 2015 we held a ‘Touch of Pink Day’ to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Australia

In 2014, staff participated in the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ at assembly to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease Australia.

Coats for Kids

In 2014, we collected warm winter coats and clothing for St Kilda Mums (a not for profit organisation) to pass on to families who are unable to keep their babies and children warm.

Surf Life Saving – Boardies Day

In 2013 our students swapped their school attire for board shorts to raise funds for Surf Life Saving.

Save the Children – Born to Knit

In 2011 we produced a total of 1136 squares and produced 71 beautifully handmade blankets for the Save the Children fund. This project was an opportunity to engage grandparents as well as school families. Teachers also held lunch time knitting classes for the students. This was a wonderful team building exercise for all involved and demonstrated the importance of helping others.

Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Aid

In 2010, we collected school supplies including; desks, chairs, books, bags and pencils that were sent to the Sudan to help set up four schools for Eritrean Refugees.

Kids Off The Kerb – In Your Shoes

In 2010 used shoes were collected for Kids Off The Kerb to redistribute (in collaboration with other charities) throughout the world to disadvantaged individuals and communities. This project helps people and it helps achieve the three principles of recycling: ‘Reducing, Reusing and Recycling’ by cutting down the amount of discarded shoes that end up in landfill.